Beam fractures boy’s skull at a Nebraska school gymnasium

Legal news for Nebraska personal injury attorney. A 20-foot beam fell and hit a boy on the head.

Nebraska personal injury lawyers alerts-An eighth grade student was injured by an falling beam in a school gymnasium.

Omaha, NE—A middle school student suffered a fractured school after a metal beam fell from the school gymnasium ceiling and struck him on the head. The 20-foot beam seriously injured the 13-year-old boy at McMillan Magnet Center near 38th Street and Redick Avenue around 11:30 a.m., as reported by KETV.

An eighth grade student had just entered the school gymnasium through a side door, which he wasn’t supposed to enter, when a 20-foot beam fell from nets up in the ceiling. The nets are used to hold the rolled-up wrestling mats near the ceiling. Omaha Public School spokesperson stated the boy was conscious immediately foloowing the incident, but later fell unconscious while waiting for responding emergency medical services (EMS) crews to take him to an area hospital. The middle school student suffered a fractured skull and a punctured lung, and is reportedly in stable condition at Creighton University Medical Center. A crew was apparently working on the equipment that pulls the mats to the ceiling above where the boy walked in, when the beam hit the boy who had just walked through the side doors. Numerous students were inside the gymnasium when the incident occurred. The school has provided counselors on Thursday for students who had witnessed the accident.

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