Five 5 million wrongful death lawsuit filed over I-75 worker death

Legal news for Tennessee wrongful death attorneys. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed after two teenage workers were killed.

Wrongful death attorney alert- A wrongful death lawsuit was filed after the death of two workers on Interstate 75.

Knoxville, TN—A $5 million wrongful death lawsuit was filed on Thursday, December 3, 2009 after two teenage workers were struck and killed in the median of Interstate 75. The lawsuit, which was filed on the Anderson County Circuit Court, named T and T Trucking driver James R. Hatfield, 50, as the defendant, as reported by Knoxville News Sentinel.

The $5 million wrongful death lawsuit claims Hatfield was negligent when operating his pickup, which veered off the southbound lanes of I-75, and hit worker Jeffery Brian Thompson II, 19, of Rogersville. Both Thompson and co-worker Cheyenne Dakota Burke, 18, of Bulls Gap were killed when Hatfield’s truck drove off the roadway, hit them, and threw them into several metal fence posts before finally coming to a stop 100 feet from the initial point of impact. Lu Inc., based from Kingston Springs, Tennessee, employed both of the teenage employees. Thompson and Burke were pronounced dead at the scene while Hatfield only sustained a minor head wound.

The lawsuit stated Hatfield was speeding and failed to keep the truck under control when the fatal accident occurred. The suit also alleged Hatfield fell asleep or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and may have even been “texting in such a way that he did not pay attention.” In addition, Hatfield did not obey the flashing lights and the no passing zone rules. Criminal charges are pending against Hatfield as well. The mother of Thompson’s young daughter, Brasha Brown, filed the wrongful death lawsuit.

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