Fiery Highway 20 semi-truck collision hospitalized 1

Legal news for Iowa 18-wheeler accident attorneys. A SUV and semi-truck crash seriously injured one driver.

Iowa semi-truck accident lawyer alerts- A semi-truck and sport utility vehicle crash erupted into a massive fire.

Sioux City, IA— U.S. Highway 20 and sections of Interstate 29 were shut down for several hours after a fiery semi–truck and SUV collision that seriously injured one person. Both vehicles ignited in the westbound lanes of the Highway 20 bridge over I-29 around 4:40 p.m., as reported by the Sioux City Journal.

A sport utility vehicle reportedly merged onto Highway 20, when for unknown reasons struck the median, and was slammed by an oncoming westbound semi-truck. The intense impact of the collision caused both of the vehicles to erupt into a fireball, which emitted huge clouds of black smoke that could be seen for miles. Police officials reported the driver of the 18-wheeler was uninjured in the wreck. The driver of the SUV, a 59-year-old Nebraska resident, sustained serious injuries and was transported by emergency medical services (EMS) teams to Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City for treatment. Medical professionals reported the SUV driver is in critical condition. Witnesses reportedly pulled the SUV driver from his fiery vehicle before rescue teams arrived. Police officials are reportedly conducting a full investigation into the serious collision. At this time no charges have been filed in connection with the wreck.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Iowa 18-wheeler accident lawyers.