Aerialist falls 3-stories during Beverly Center Mall performance

Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. A aerialist suffered broken bones after a 40-foot fall.

California personal injury attorneys- An aerialist was injured after a fall at the Beverly Center Mall.

Los Angeles, CA—An aerial performer suffered a broken wrist and fractured pelvis after a 40-foot fall during an aerial show at the Beverly Center mall on Saturday, November 28, 2009. The Los Angeles Times reported the 26-year-old performer fell during the “Hunky Santa and the Candy Cane Girls” show around 6:15 p.m.

Shoppers at the Beverly Center Mall who witnessed the fall reported, the performer was hanging upside down from a solid metal hoop that was held from the ceiling when she slipped and fell to the ground 40-feet below. The female aerialist apparently was able to maneuver herself right side up before she plummeted into a video projection cube. She was not wearing any safety harnesses and no nets were in place to protect the performers in case she makes a mistake. She was rushed by responding emergency medical services (EMS) teams to an area hospital for treatment of her broken bones. As a true performer, she was seen still smiling as paramedics wheeled her out on a stretcher. The aerial show is reportedly put on by Hollywood Aerial Acts, where the performer was worker for five years. The other aerialists are currently practicing this week with safety lines; it is unknown if they will perform with them as well.

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