University of Utah professor killed after falling out of shuttle

Legal news for Utah personal injury attorneys. A professor at U of U was killed after she fell out of a campus shuttle.

Utah personal injury attorneys alerts- A female professor at the University of Utah was killed after falling out of a campus shuttle.

Salt Lake City, UT—A University of Utah (U of U) professor was tragically killed after falling out of a campus shuttle while it was moving. The 63-year-old researcher from China was killed on Thursday, November 19, 2009, around 8:20 p.m., when the shuttle let North Campus Drive onto Mario Capecchi Drive, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Campus police reported the female professor fell through the westbound campus shuttle’s rear doors when the vehicle made a left turn from North Campus Drive. She was apparently standing when the bus made the turn, when she lost he grip and fell against the rear doors, which gave way and dumped her onto the pavement. The researcher reportedly hit her head when she landed on the ground. Investigators are currently trying to determine why the doors opened when she fell against them.

When Salt Lake City Fire Department arrived at the scene they stated she was still alive, but unconscious. She was transported to the University Hospital where she was later pronounced dead when her injuries proved fatal. The shuttle has since been impounded until all investigations are completed. The identity of the professor has not been released at this time due to the family notification process.

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