Mississippi truck accident – Rescue truck rollover injured 2 firefighters

Legal News for Mississippi truck accident attorneys. A rescue truck on its way to an emergency call rolled over.

Mississippi truck accident lawyer alerts- A rescue truck rollover accident injured two volunteer firefighters.

Hattiesburg, MS—A North Forrest volunteer rescue truck lost control on its way to another accident when it overturned and injured two volunteer firefighters. The violent accident occurred on Thursday, November 19, 2009 around 1:40 p.m., at 796 Monroe Road in front of the Vernon Dahmer historic marker, as reported by HattiesburgAmerica.com.

A North Forrest volunteer rescue truck was on its way to a vehicle fire when it lost control for unknown reasons, and rolled over. The pumper, which holds foam and water, was found 2 yards from the rescue truck with its hood tore off and front end crushed in. Several large equipment boxes were also thrown from the vehicle. Even the metal bed of the rescue truck was torn off, and was found 20 feet from the scene of the wreck. All in all, the rescue truck was completely totaled. Two unidentified firefighters were injured in the violent crash. They reportedly sustained non-life threatening injures and were transported to Forrest General Hospital for treatment by doctors and nurses. Another rescue unit from Rawls Springs responded to the vehicle fire instead. Luckily, no one was injured in that fiery blaze. Police officials are conducting a full investigation into the rollover accident.

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