Substitute teacher ties up students with jump rope

Legal news for North Carolina personal injury attorneys. Four students were tied up and left on the playground for 30 minutes.

North Carolina personal injury attorney alerts- A substitute teacher tied up four students with a jump rope at Southwest Elementary School.

Hickory, N.C.—A substitute at Southwest Elementary School acted inappropriately last week, when she tied up four third-graders with a jump rope and dragged them around at the playground. On Tuesday, November 17, 2009, a letter was sent home to parents stating the woman’s actions were not appropriate and unacceptable, as reported by WSOCTV.

A substitute teacher reportedly tied up four third-graders with a jump rope while on the playground, because they were apparently too loud in the classroom. A mother of one of the children who was tied up stated, “The teacher told them that this is what’s going to happen to them when they go to jail.” The mother continued to say that the four boys had to stand back-to-back to one another, while the jump rope was tied around them. The crying boys were then dragged with the rope down a ramp and out onto the playground, where they were left for 30 minutes. Another mother also reported that her son “actually had a mark on his side where he has been pulled, from where the rope was, and there’s no excuse for that.”

The substitute teacher is no longer an employee at the Hickory City School District schools, and the school district has since deemed her actions inexcusable. As a part of the school district’s regular procedures, they conduct extensive background checks on all substitute teachers, but they found nothing wrong with this teacher who has been employed since 2004.

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