Ammonia leak caused death and injuries at Rosemount industrial facility

Legal news for Minnesota employment lawyers. A driver was killed and another injured after inhaling anhydrous ammonia.

Minnesota employment lawyers alert- A driver was killed and another injured after an ammonia leak at CFI Industries.

Minneapolis, MN—A toxic ammonia leak killed a driver and critically injured another person while they were conducting a loading operation at CF Industries’ Pine Bend Terminal. The two drivers inhaled the toxic gas around 6:00 p.m. at the Rosemount industrial facility, as reported by Pioneer Press.

Immediately after inhaling the highly toxic gas, one driver was killed and another was seriously injured. The anhydrous ammonia apparently leaked from a faulty connection between a supply tank and the tanker truck. When officials discovered the source of the leak it was immediately shut off. The cloud of hazardous gas quickly dissipated and confined the hazardous site to the area. The concentrated anhydrous ammonia is reportedly held in large tanks, which is transferred to awaiting tanker trucks through six various loading stations. The injured driver had to be decontaminated before he could be transported via medical helicopter to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment. The unidentified worker is currently listed in critical condition. Two officers from Rosemount Police Department and the Dakota county Sheriff’s Office showed signs of inhaling the gas but were able to transport themselves to Regions Hospital for treatment. The officers complained of burning throats, and were not admitted to the hospital. The identities of the deceased and injured truck drivers or their employers have not been disclosed. Officials only stated that both men were out of state. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) officials are expected to conduct a full investigation.

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