Hospital misplaced baby’s body for days

Legal news for California medical malpractice attorneys. A baby’s body was found after six days of being missing.

California medical malpractice lawyer alerts-The body of a missing premature baby at Kaiser Permanente was found after six days.

Sacramento, CA—A premature baby, born at 20 weeks, died just two short hours after entering the world. Shortly after, baby Autumn’s body was lost at Kaiser Permanente and wasn’t found for six days, as reported by CBS 13.

As the parents of baby Autumn were making the heart wrenching funeral arrangements, representatives of Kaiser alerted the grieving parents that the hospital somehow lost track of their baby girl’s body. For six agonizing days, Autumn’s family was left wondering what happened to their little girl. Hospital officials then told the family that her body was found in a pathology department refrigerator and was somehow mistaken of an ice pack.

A spokesperson for Kaiser released a statement saying, “Due to patient privacy laws we are not able to discuss the details of any individual patient matter. In a case such as the one described we would offer our sincere apologies, work around the clock to investigate every possible avenue that could lead to an explanation and resolution of such a painful situation, and reach out to those involved to offer comfort and support. Our heart would go out to any family for the pain they would suffer and the additional burden a situation like this would place upon them. We would not rest until we understood exactly what occurred and had taken steps to prevent it from ever happening again.”

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for California medical malpractice lawyers.