4 Coral Springs teens killed in wreck

Legal news for Florida automobile accident attorneys. Four high school students died when their car crashed into a canal.

Coral Springs Police Department alerts Florida automobile accident lawyers- Four teens were fatally injured in a crash in Coral Springs, Florida.

Fort Lauderdale, FL—Four Coral Springs high school students out celebrating their high school’s homecoming were tragically killed when they were involved in a fender-bender that took a turn for the worse. The four teens were killed Sunday morning, November 16, 2009, when their car accelerated backwards into a deep canal and overturned near University Drive just after midnight, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Coral Springs Police officials reported around 12:18 a.m., a 2007 red Volkswagen attempting to turn from Broken Woods Drive onto University Drive when he rear-ended a gold Acura. The driver of the Volkswagen, Sean Maxley, 16, then slammed it into reverse, took off in reverse back down Broken Woods Drive, hit a “Speed Limit 25” sign, tore off a piece of guardrail, and plummeted into the canal after the vehicle overturned. The driver of the Acura, Kiran Parekh, 59, of Miami was uninjured in the initial crash, and was not at fault for the fender-bender. A passenger in the Volkswagen, Evan Sinisgalli, 15, was able to escape the upside-down submerged car and swim to shore. Responding police officers immediately dove into the canal in hopes of rescuing survivors. Police officials recovered Maxley; and passengers Robert Nugent, 16, and Anthony Almonte, 16, from the wreckage. All three were rushed to Coral Springs Medical Center by emergency medical services (EMS) teams, where they were pronounced dead by doctors and nurses. Police officials are unsure why the car suddenly took off in reverse from the scene of the fender-bender. Coral Springs investigators are asking if anyone with information about the fatal crash to call Officer Eric Schuster of the Coral Springs Police Department Traffic Unit at 954-346-1247.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Florida automobile accident lawyers.