Web Lead Generation for Attorneys- Tips on Tracking Website Leads

Kevin Quinlan offers tips on how legal web marketers can maximize their conversions from search engine optimization lead generation to prospect by combining Google analytics with dedicated web phone numbers.

Many legal web marketers believe that the contact form on their website is their primary contact with prospects who visit their site. They are confident that a well designed law firm website with a short form that creates a database record of all of the information submitted will provide them with sufficient quantifiable leads to grow their business. Our experience tells us that this is only half of the picture.

Even law firm websites that offer a free download, newsletter or some other incentive to fill out the form may be missing out on the ability to evaluate the power of their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by failing to track incoming web-based phone calls. In our experience we have seen a mix of contact form submissions to phone calls that range from 50-50 to 75-25 favoring phone calls for new lead generation.

To be completely sure of the results generated by your firm’s website, the use of a dedicated web call tracking number, at the very least, is imperative. Typically, call tracking number providers feature real time reporting that can be accessed through the web at your convenience. The better programs offer features like:

> Real Time Reporting
> Graphic Analysis
> Exports of Reports in Multiple Formats
> National Do Not Call Reporting
> Telemarketer Block
> Touch Tone Capture
> Caller ID Name
> Reverse Caller ID Name Match
> Email Reports
> Call Recording

When evaluated side by side with web data provided by Google Analytics your firm can increase your ROI by making the right decisions when tweaking SEO, pay-per-click and other web marketing efforts.

Although utilizing web analytics and different phone numbers for each medium or creative is highly effective for the average legal marketer, the tools now available are becoming even more sophisticated. For example, to evaluate national pay-per-click campaigns or the effectiveness of specific keywords, software is available, called dynamic phone number insertion, that can track which sources yield the most leads by presenting a unique phone number on a website or landing page that is dependent on the key word, ad, or even search engine.

The ability to add call counts to click rates can help attorneys more scientifically analyze where they are spending their efforts and dollars and therefore eliminate underperforming keywords or ads and maximize the better performers.

To learn more about web lead generation for attorneys, SEO or results tracking, contact Rene Perras. http://www.cepac.com