Indiana personal injury attorneys news: Live power lines tangled in cargo- Driver electrocuted

Legal news for Indiana personal injury attorneys. A truck was shocked when his cargo got caught on the live power lines.

Indiana State Police alerts Indiana personal injury attorney- A flatbed truck carrying a grain silo got tangled in live power lines.

Greenfield, IN—A trucker was seriously injured when a grain silo he was transporting on a flatbed truck got entangled in some power lines. The live power lines shocked Donald Beck in Hancock County around 1:15 p.m., in the 2800 block of Fortville Pike, as reported by the Indianapolis Star.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department stated Donald Beck, 39, of Shelbyville, was transporting a grain silo, which was positioned on its side, on a flatbed truck when the silo somehow got entangled in some live power lines that were hanging above the roadway. Beck noticed his load was tangled in the lines when he jumped out of his truck, and climbed onto the flatbed to untangle the power lines. Beck was electrocuted when he tried to release the silo, and was knocked unconscious.

Emergency rescue teams arrived at the scene and discovered Beck unconscious and burned. The injured trucker was rushed by emergency medical services (EMS) to Wishard Memorial Hospital for treatment of his burns. He is currently listed in critical condition. Carl R. Moore Construction Company in Shelby County currently employs Beck. The construction company did not have a valid permit to haul the oversized cargo when the incident occurred. The Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Labor are currently investigating the accident.

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