Indiana dog bite injury – 6-year-old attacked by dogs inside insurance company

Legal news for Indiana dog bite attorneys. A young girl was attacked while her mom paid an insurance bill.

Indiana dog bite injury lawyer alerts- A girl was injured by a dog bit at an insurance office in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, IN—A 6-year-old girl was brutally attacked inside a family insurance office by an owner’s two dogs. The young girl’s mother was paying a car insurance bill when the dogs attacked her little girl on Monday, November 2, 2009 at the Wilson Family Insurance office located at 86211 East 10th Street, as reported by WXIN.

Raeauna Esparza and her daughter Tabitha Esparza were paying a car insurance premium at the east side insurance company when two Husky mixes got loose from the backroom and starting biting Tabitha’s abdomen, back, and her legs. Raeauna immediately started fighting the dogs to defend her daughter, and scooped her off the ground. The owner of the dogs and the insurance company, Pam Wilson, called 911 for help. Wilson believes that one of the dogs named Stanley may have become jealous of the other dog who was being fed candy corn by Tabitha.

Wilson claims she brings her dogs to work as a form of security and said this is the first instance where they have been aggressive towards someone. Tabitha was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her puncture wounds and was released. Animal Control quarantined the two dogs for the next 10 days, and issued Wilson citations for expired tags, shots, and other owner responsibility violations. Raeauna has contacted an attorney.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Indiana dog bite injury lawyers.