Illinois train accident report: Toddler in stroller drug by CTA train

Illinois train accident report: Toddler in stroller drug by CTA train


Legal news for Illinois train accident attorneys. A toddler got caught in the doors of a CTA train and was flung onto the platform.

Illinois train accident lawyers alerts- A Chicago Transit Authority train dragged a toddler in her stroller down the station platform.

Chicago, IL— Monday proved to be a horrific day for one mother who witnessed her toddler trapped in the doorway of a moving train. A Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Red Line train shut its doors on a stroller with a toddler inside, drug the stroller down the platform, and flung the baby onto the hard ground. The 22-month old girl was sent tumbling down the Morse station in Rogers Park on November 2, 2009 around 6:30 p.m., as reported by WGN.

Police officials reported a 26-year-old mother was pushing her daughter, identified by witnesses as Rachel, through the doors of the CTA Red Line train when the train doors closed on the stroller and began moving down the platform. The train dragged the toddler and the stroller down the platform with the mother hanging on for dear life. The stroller then turned on its side and dumped the toddler onto the platform. Witnesses stated the girl’s head bounced numerous times on the hard ground while she tumbled down the platform. Rachel was found lying 10 feet past the platform, conscious and not crying; the stroller was nowhere to be found. The mother ran hysterically to her child, and scooped her into her arms. Emergency medical services (EMS) teams transported Rachel to Children’s Memorial Hospital for treatment who is being held for observation. No word yet if the toddler sustained any serious injuries in the tumble.

CTA officials reported that tests showed the doors on the CTA train were working properly when the incident occurred. Investigators continue to try to determine why the sensors did not detect the stroller and reopen. CTA officials did not elaborate on how the doors could have been working correctly if the sensors didn’t detect the stroller and subsequently reopen. In addition, officials are also investigating why the train operator did not notice the stroller stuck in the doorway. Train operators are required to look outside the operator cab window to check that it is all clear before closing the doors. Operators are also supposed to check the signal lights for each train door to make sure that they are all closed before departing from the station. The investigation continues.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Illinois train accident lawyers.

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