Insurance fraud: 11 people charged for staging car crashes

Legal news for California criminal attorneys. Detectives uncover staged vehicle crash ring; 11 people charged with insurance fraud.

California Department of Insurance alerts California criminal attorneys- Eleven people are accused of insurance fraud and staging car crashes.

San Diego, CA—A yearlong investigation conducted by detectives of the California Department of Insurance (CDI) brought an end to a staged automobile crash ring. The eleven ring members are being charged with fraudulently collecting money from insurance carriers, as reported by 10 News.

According to CDI officials, the ring operated by using a “hammer” vehicle, and a “nail” vehicle to pull off the fraudulent crash. In each collision, the “hammer” vehicle, which is the vehicle that causes the crash, would be abandoned at the scene of the crash before any police officers or rescue teams could arrive. The “injured” passengers inside the “nail” vehicle, which is the vehicle that was hit, would claim they sustained soft-tissue injuries and would seeking medical treatment at a hospital.

The “injured” victims would then file a personal injury claim with their insurer. The insurance company sent payment checks to the “injured” passengers, who would then leave their medical bills unpaid. Detectives working the case discovered many connections between the owners of the “hammer” vehicle to the passengers of the “nail’ vehicle. Seven insurance companies reportedly dispersed over $200,000 to the “injured” passengers in 11 staged wrecks.

The alleged staged auto crash ringleader, Jay Stoney Anderson, 31, of Chula Vista, is charged with 28 counts, and is facing 11 years in prison if he is convicted of being involved in nearly seven staged collisions. Patrick Deleon; Dajuan Dunn; John Jordan; Mary Lett; Roger Poole; Malcolm H; Deborah Matthews; Tyrone Ledet; Authur Zieglar; and Sharon Harville have also been charged for involvement in the crash ring. The majority of the defendants are scheduled to be arraigned at a downtown courthouse on Monday.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for California criminal lawyers.