DPS trooper leaps from I-37 embankment

Legal news for Texas personal injury attorneys. DPS trooper jumped off an embankment as a car was careening towards him.

Texas Department of Public Safety alerts Texas personal injury attorneys- A police officer was injured after jumping of a I-37 embankment.

San Antonio, TX—A Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper was injured after he was forced to jump off the side of an embankment alongside Interstate 37 North. The DPS trooper was responding to another crash when an out-of-control vehicle began spinning into his direction, as reported by the San Antonio Express.

Fourteen-year veteran, trooper Deon Cockrell, 40, had stopped alongside I-37 to respond to an accident near Fair Avenue at 8:30 a.m., when he and another San Antonio police officer started to shut down lanes to clear the accident. As they were closing the lanes, a vehicle started to spin out-of-control towards Cockrell’s direction. Cockrell then leaped off the side of a 13-foot embankment to avoid being hit, and landed on the pavement below. The DPS trooper suffered injuries to his hands and ankles, and lost his 1992 University of Texas class ring in the jump. Cockrell was transported to Baptist Medical Center by emergency medical services (EMS) crews, where he is reportedly in good condition. The driver of the car who nearly hit the officer stopped at the scene, and probably will not face any charges. Cockrell’s class ring was later found near the guardrail he jumped over.

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