Texas aviation accident Four killed in south Texas plane crash

Texas aviation accident Four killed in south Texas plane crash


Legal news for Texas aviation accident attorneys. A small plane went down after having trouble with turbulence.

Federal Aviation Administration alerts Texas aviation accident attorneys – A Beechcraft King Air 100 plane crashed while en route to Leesburg, Florida.

San Diego, TX—A small plane crash in southern Texas left the four occupants dead. The Beechcraft King Air 100 plane crashed after reporting it was having trouble with turbulence in the area. The twin-turboprop plane was reportedly flying from Uvalde, Texas to Leesburg, Florida when the crash occurred, as reported by WESH.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) http://www.faa.gov/ reported a Beechcraft King Air 100 plane was traveling at 25,000 feet when an FAA Houston Center air traffic controller contacted the pilot after noticing the plane had deviated from altitude. The pilot of the small plane reported he was having trouble with maintaining his altitude and navigating the turbulence.
The small plane then crashed shortly after the radio correspondence with the tower. Florida native, Paul Mazak, was reportedly piloting the plane at the time. Mazak and three other unidentified occupants of the plane were killed in the plane crash. Police officials have not released the identities of the three other passengers at this time. FAA investigators along with National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) http://www.ntsb.gov investigators are reportedly working at the crash site in the thick mud and wooded area in Duval County to come to a conclusion as to why the plane went down.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Texas aviation accident lawyers.

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