Eight more jail employees sue County officials

Eight more jail employees sue County officials


Legal news for Nebraska employment attorneys. Eight additional former jail employees claim sexual harassment.

Nebraska employment lawyers alerts- Eight former Dakota County corrections employees filed a civil lawsuit citing sexual harassment.

Dakota County, NE—An additional eight former Dakota County Jail employees have joined in the allegations against Sheriff James L. Wagner, Jail Administrator Rodney Herron, and Dakota County. The eight former employees filed a civil lawsuit, which alleged they were subject to sexual harassment, discriminated against, experienced a hostile working environment, and were denied their constitutional rights. The employment lawsuit was filed on Monday, October 26, 2009 in the U.S. District Court in Omaha, as reported by the Sioux City Journal.

Dakota County corrections officer John Gilles, of Sioux City; and former corrections officers Richard Criss, Anne Cutsinger, Colleen McMahon-Levine and Diana Moctezuma, all of Sioux City, Amanda Navin of Moville, Iowa, Krystal Ramirez of Gold Canyon, Arizona, and Ronald Fink Jr. of Harrison, Nebraska joined forces with former corrections officers Alana Crutcher-Sanchez and Toni Duncan, along with corrections officer Charvette Williams.

Crutcher-Sanchez, Duncan, and Williams filed similar lawsuits back in July, which also claimed they were victims of sexual harassment. The lawsuit charges Wagner and Herron of giving favorable treatment to people who engaged in sexual relationships with the duo. The suit further contends, they were sexually harassed and/or pressured into engaging in sexual relationships, which would result in favorable treatment. In addition, Herron is accused of throwing eggs and spraying pepper spray at male employees. Employees Fink and Gilles claim Herron launched hand sanitizer into their eyes.

The civil lawsuit is claiming that Wagner and Herron’s misconduct was allegedly covered up in the highest levels of Dakota County’s government, which sends the message that the county condones their behavior. The plaintiffs claimed they have taken lower-paying jobs, left the law enforcement field altogether, and even moved out of Nebraska after being fired or quitting from their respectable jobs. The plaintiffs reportedly have suffered lost wages, inconvenience, insult, fear, mental distress, embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety and emotional pain and suffering due to their treatment received at work.

The claimants are seeking punitive damages in an amount sufficient enough to punish the accused defendants, or to hinder them and anyone else from engaging in the same misconduct in the future.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Nebraska employment lawyers.

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