Wisconsin 4 time convicted DWI doctor kills family

Wisconsin doctor with 3x DWI conviction allowed to drive drunk and kills mother, unborn baby, and young son.

Waukesha County Circuit Court news-Former doctor serving 30 year DWI conviction for 3 deaths in a car crash settled 2 civil lawsuit for $3.67 million.

Milwaukee, WI–Two families still suffering from the horrific car crash caused by a former physician that killed three and injured two others because the doctor was driving while under the influence settled two civil lawsuits on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, for $3,670,000 and undisclosed punitive damages. Former Wisconsin physician Mark M. Benson was already a three time DWI loser when he slammed into a car traveling with a local pregnant school teacher, her daughter, her son, and another child on August 25, 2008. The DWI car crash killed Jennifer Bukosky, associate principal and teacher at Oconomowoc High School, her unborn child, and her then 10 year-old daughter. Bukosky’s 12 year-old son and another 10 year-old girl from the Gibbs’ family were seriously injured in the automobile accident.

The horror of that fateful night for the Bukosky and Gibbs families was further exaggerated when Oconomowoc police investigators discovered Dr. Mark M. Benson was convicted of his third DWI violation just two days before the car crash that claimed the lives of the three victims. As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Judge Lee S. Dreyfus Jr., sentenced Benson on August 23, 2008, to work-release program and a 75 day jail sentence after the former doctor pled guilty to his third drunken driving conviction. Judge Dreyfus gave the out-of-control physician 16 days to report to the county jail before beginning his 75 day sentence.

The former Wisconsin doctor was driving his motor vehicle under the influence of Ambien, a strong prescription sleeping pill; Xanax, a high level anti-anxiety benzodiazepine; and Oxycodone, a potent Schedule 2 narcotic pain killer on April 25 when he hit and killed the three victims in the car crash at Highway 67 at Pabst Road in Oconomowoc. Benson pled no contest in Waukesha County Circuit Court in June 2009 to multiple criminal charges brought by the Waukesha County government lawyers for the deaths and injuries in the April 25, 2008, In August 2009 the now four time DWI doctor was sentenced to 30 years in prison for three counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle and two counts of causing injury while driving intoxicated. Wisconsin wrongful death attorneys and personal injury lawyers representing the families settled the two civil lawsuits against the former physician.

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