Sauk County declares public health emergency

Sauk County Health Department taxed by H1N1 flu vaccination needs. Sauk County Board of Supervisors declare 60 day public health emergency.

Wisconsin health officials declare emergency for Sauk County residents hoping to support flu vaccination clinics because of swine flu outbreak.

Madison, WI–Sauk County residents continue to succumb to the H1N1 flu virus forcing the county board of supervisors in the Madison metropolitan statistical area to declare a public health emergency on Tuesday, October 20, 2009. As reported by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the health department in the county comprised of the cities of Baraboo, Reedsburg and Wisconsin Dells, is unable to handle the vaccination demands and overwhelming presence of swine flu patients.

Sauk County is reported to be one of the first areas in the state of Wisconsin hit with the swine flu. The Wisconsin Dells School District closed for several days in early October because of student and faculty outbreaks. So many Baraboo High School football players fell ill last week it forced high school officials and coaches to cancel the football game. Leaders for the 60,000 resident county in Wisconsin state declaring the public health emergency will allow funds to be released to the health department and other agencies to pay for H1N1 flu vaccinations and health care for those who have fallen ill to the swine flu virus. Sauk County posted a schedule of flu vaccination clinics where residents can be immunized for free.

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