Amtrak passenger trains claim 4 lives in 2 states on Monday

Two Amtrak passenger trains, one traveling in Florida and one in Mississippi, claimed multiple lives on Monday.

Train accident lawyer alerts-Amtrak passenger trains in South Mississippi and Polk County Florida claimed 4 total lives on Monday.

Biloxi, MS–Two tragic Amtrak passenger train accidents claimed the lives of four people in two separate train accidents in two different states on Monday, October 19, 2009. McComb Police, McComb Fire Rescue, Pike County Sheriff’s Department, and AAA Ambulance service responded to a train versus automobile accident about 3:46 p.m. on Monday. According to WLOX abc13 South Mississippi news, an Amtrak passenger train hit a 2002 Nissan Altima at the Nehi Circle railroad crossing in McComb. The multi-agency response teams discovered a horrific train accident scene which caused the driver and three passengers, of the car hit by the train, to be ejected from the motor vehicle. Three of the motor vehicle’s occupants were found dead at the scene. The lives lost were a 17 year-old female, a 12 year-old boy, and a 2 year-old girl. A 17 year-old young man, who was also in the car at the time of the collision, was found semi-conscious at the scene and transported to Mississippi Regional Medical Center by AAA Ambulance for treatment of his injuries. The names of the three victims who were ejected from the car upon impact and died have not been released because of their ages and circumstances surrounding the tragedy. According to the McComb Police Department, the name of the young man who was traveling in the Nissan and survived the crash is not being released either.

As reported by Central Florida 13News, another Amtrak train from Miami en route to New York struck and killed a man around 6:20 p.m., Monday evening in Polk County, Florida, just outside of Auburndale. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office confirmed an Amtrak train carrying 119 passengers, came around a curve and hit a man walking in the middle of the tracks. The train engineer blew the horn and reported the man seemed to attempt to jump from the tracks. The train hit the man as he was unable to clear the oncoming locomotive. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the fatal train accident and have not released the name of the victim, since the family has not been notified. Monday marked a dreadful and sad day for the decedents and their families.

Mississippi train accident information by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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