Methane gas ignited hog farm explosion

Legal news for Minnesota personal injury attorneys. A man was thrown 40 feet in explosion at a hog farm.

Minnesota personal injury attorneys alert- An explosion at a hog farm was caused by methane gas.

Rochester, MN– An explosion at a hog farm launched a man 40 feet into the air while working in a manure pit. The explosion happened on Wednesday morning, October 14, 2009 around 11:45 a.m., about four miles west of Hayfield in the West Field Township, as reported by Post-Bulletin.

According to police officials, the owner of the hog farm, Scott Mashing, was stirring the manure pit and standing near his tractor when the explosion occurred. The State Fire Marshall reported that methane gas caused the blast. The highly flammable gas collected at the ceiling of the barn and started to travel down when two LP gas heaters, which were suspended from the ceiling, and ignited the gas. Mashing reportedly had just walked out of the barn, and around the side of it when the explosion occurred.

The blast was so intense that it catapulted the man 40 feet into the air, across the yard, and into a gravel road. Mashing sustained burns and some singed hair. No pigs were apparently hurt in the explosion. It is unknown if Mashing was transported to an area hospital for treatment of his burns. The building sustained nearly $500,000 worth of damage. Police officials are conducting a full investigation into the blast.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Minnesota personal injury lawyers.