Fresno man killed while directing traffic

Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. A Good Samaritan was killed while trying to help another motorist.

California highway patrol alerts California personal injury attorneys- Kahi Lee was killed while directing traffic around a crash.

Fresno, CA—A good Samaritan man was tragically killed while trying to help another motorist in need. The Fresno father of seven was struck while trying to direct traffic around a crash. The man was fatally struck on Tuesday afternoon, October 13, 2009 on Auberry Road in North Fresno County, as reported by KFSN.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) identified the Good Samaritan as Kahi Lee, of Fresno. Lee apparently was on his way home from work at Table Mountain Casino when he witnessed another vehicle slam into a fence in front of him. Lee pulled over to help the motorist involved in the single-vehicle crash, and began to direct traffic around the crash scene. Police officials reported the weather conditions were not favorable, and it likely played a factor in the initial crash. As Lee was directing traffic, another motorist struck and killed Lee. The unidentified driver who hit the fence reportedly did not sustain any injuries. The CHP believed the driver who hit Lee was not at fault. At this time no charges have been filed.

Lee has been described as a man who always went out of his way to lend a hand to someone in need. His family is not surprised he stopped to help the motorist who crashed into the fence. Lee is reportedly a father of seven children. Let this tragic accident be a wake-up call to all motorists. Drivers nationwide need to be alert for unforeseen obstacles in our roadways such as, crashes, debris, pedestrians, and construction projects. Slowing down and paying attention could save somebody their life, and maybe even your own.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for personal injury lawyers in California.