Employers Should Dust Off Their Employee Handbooks

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Many employers create employee handbooks and diligently hand them out to new employees, year after year. But, for several reasons, an employer must remember to periodically dust off its handbook and to review it with a critical eye.

First, as Dallas employment law attorney Keith Clouse cautions, changes in state and federal laws warrant new and updated policies.  For example, employers subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act should update their employee handbooks to reflect the 2009 amendments to the Act. Second, an employer should evaluate each existing policy and should tweak any policies that could be made more effective.  Finally, an employer should evaluate whether new policies should be added.  For example, an employer who recently opted to provide certain employees with smart phones may need a policy to address employee smart phone use.

Frequently reviewing an employee handbook also helps ensure that an employer knows its own policies and enforces them fairly, reducing both complaints of unequal treatment by employees and the potential for legal challenges.

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