Texas product liability attorney alerts Toyota Motor Corp accused of destroying key car crash evidence material.

Texas product liability lawyer, Amy K. Witherite, a personal injury attorney headquartered in Dallas and experienced in car crash cases, alerts drivers a U.S. judge ordered Toyota to preserve all documents pertaining to “crashworthiness” of the auto maker’s motor vehicles. U.S. District Judge T. John Ward in Marshall, Texas, handed down his order on September 30, 2009, after reviewing evidence presented to him from another lawsuit against Toyota, as reported by Bloomberg. Apparently a former in-house attorney for Toyota filed a federal lawsuit, in July in Los Angeles, against the automobile manufacturer, claiming Toyota destroyed documents which should have been preserved and presented in personal injury and product liability court cases.

According to court documents, in the case of Lopez v. Toyota Motor Corp., 2:09CV292, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas (Marshall), a Dallas area product liability attorney asked Judge Ward’s permission to reopen lawsuits representing injured victims, his clients, who had previously resolved their product injury claims with Toyota or had their cases dismissed. The product liability attorney representing clients, such as family members of drivers and passengers who died in car crashes because of product defects, requested the reopening of his client’s suits after learning of the allegations in the California lawsuit. Texas Justice Ward wrote in his ruling, “The court finds an immediate threat of irreparable harm in that, under the allegations, a threat exists that evidence material to this case would be destroyed or altered.”

The previous product liability lawsuits involved people who were killed or suffered permanent injuries, like paralysis. Many of the injured victim’s claims were dropped because of lack of evidence. Toyota company leaders claim they have acted appropriately and the former in-house attorney, Dimitrios Biller, says he suffered a mental breakdown. The previous litigator for the automobile manufacturer alleges he was unable to continue his work as legal counsel for the company because he was continuously required to perform unethical and illegal tasks. The California federal lawsuit filed in July by attorneys representing Biller assert the former employee was forced to resign in 2007. Biller received $3.7 million in a lawsuit settlement agreement with the company.  Under the Texas court order Toyota, any of its entities, employees, and legal counsel must maintain the integrity of all documents and materials relating to product liability and/or crashworthiness of motor vehicles manufactured by the automaker.

Drivers and passengers on Texas roadways and highways depend on the safety and security of their automobiles. Unfortunately, when a routine safety feature on a motor vehicle is defective the damages and injuries can be so severe they even cause death. Texans and their families pay the cost of defective automobile every day. Contacting a Texas product injury attorney who is experienced in litigating preventable injury cases involving bad auto parts and safety equipment may help you and your family protect your legal rights and recover from your damages and injuries.

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