Explosion at biodiesel plant broke workers leg

Legal news for Georgia employment attorneys. A reactor at a biodiesel plant exploded and injured a worker. Occupational Health and Safety Administration alerts Georgia employment lawyers- A worker sustained a broken leg from an explosion. Savannah, GA—A worker suffered a broken leg after an explosion at a biodiesel plant. A reactor at the plant exploded […]

Dust causes 11-vehicle crash near Bakersfield

Legal news for California 18-wheeler accident attorneys. A multiple vehicle pile up killed three people on Interstate 5. California semi-truck accident attorneys alert- A crash involving four semi-trucks on Interstate 5 is believed to caused by dust. Bakersfield, CA—A fiery 11-vehicle crash along the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 ended the lives of three people. […]

Georgia van rollover killed 3 injured 6 workers

Legal news for Georgia automobile accident attorneys. A two-vehicle crash tragically ended the lives of three Georgia power workers. Georgia automobile accident attorneys alerts- A crash involving a commuter van and Dodge Stratus killed three people. Atlanta, GA—A two-vehicle crash near Stone Mountain Park on Highway 78 left three people dead and six others injured. […]

12 Texas students injured in school bus crash

Legal news for Texas pickup truck accident attorneys. A school bus and pickup truck collided and injured a total of 13 people. Texas truck accident lawyer alerts- A school bus crash in Bexar County injured 13 people. San Antonio, TX—A Schertz-Cibolo-University City school bus collided with a pickup truck, which injured 12 students and the […]

School bus crash kills 18-year-old girl

Legal news for Minnesota automobile accident attorneys. A two-vehicle crash tragically ended the life of a teen. Minnesota State Patrol alerts Minnesota automobile accident lawyers- A school bus crash involving a Ford Taurus in Itasca County left teen dead. Itasca County, MN—A school bus carrying the Ely High School football team collided with a car, […]