Student faced punishment fit for a dog

Legal news for Ohio personal injury attorneys. A first grade student was forced to crawl across the classroom like a dog.

Ohio personal injury attorneys alerts- A boy was forced to crawl like a dog at a Toledo public school.

Toledo, OH—The mother of a Toledo Public School’s first grader is infuriated after her son was told by his teacher to get on all fours, and crawl across the classroom in front of his peers as a form of punishment. The unusual punishment left the boy embarrassed and reluctant to return to school. The incident happened on October 9, 2009 at Burroughs Elementary, as reported by Fox Toledo.

Holly Casey, the mother of the embarrassed boy, stated that her son told her that his teacher embarrassed him in front of the entire class, and forced him to crawl around the classroom on all fours like a dog while the other students watched, and laughed at him. Immediately after arriving home with her distraught son, she called the school about the incident and never received a phone call back from the elementary school administrators. According to Casey, the first grade teacher justified her punishment by claiming she was at the end of her rope with his behavioral issues. The teacher did not see anything wrong with the punishment. This is the first time Casey, or the boy’s father have every heard of him having behavioral issues at school.

Casey believes her son should be punished if he is misbehaving, but making him crawl across the classroom was unnecessarily humiliating. The Burroughs Elementary Principal Thomas DeMarco apparently already told Casey nothing will be done about the incident. Casey reportedly would be happy if her son was transferred to another classroom.

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