Elderly woman causes gas pump fire-2 injured

Legal news for Ohio automobile accident attorneys. An elderly woman hit a gas pump, which trapped a man and ignited a fire.

Ohio automobile accident lawyers alerts-An elderly woman driving a minivan crashed into a gas station pump.

Cleveland, OH—An elderly woman lost control of her minivan while pulling into a Sunmart gas station, and injured two people. The fiery crash happened on Friday October 9, 2009, around 1:00 p.m., at the Sunmart gas station at the intersection of Mayfield Road and Route 44 in Geauga County, as reported by WJW Fox 8.

According to police officials, an unidentified elderly woman pulled into a Sunmart gas station. She hit a gas pump and then slammed into the other gas pump, which knocked it over and caused it to ignite into flames. The elderly woman then backed away from the blazing gas pump and got out of her minivan. Witnesses stated the elderly woman acted like she didn’t know what happened.

A man on the other side of the pump was struck while he was filling his white pickup truck with gas. The burning gas pump fell on top of him and trapped him underneath it. Sunmart employees rushed to shut off the emergency switch, and pulled the man from underneath the burning pump to safety. The blaze was reportedly contained to the pump that was knocked over. An explosion was avoided when the Sunmart employees hit the emergency shut off switch. The man, who was pinned underneath the pump, sustained bruises, scrapes, and burns in the crash. It is unknown if he was transported to a hospital for treatment. Investigators sent the elderly woman to a hospital as a precaution. Police officials are currently investigating the collision.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Ohio automobile accident lawyers.