15 students involved in Georgia school bus crash

15 students involved in Georgia school bus crash


Legal news for Georgia automobile accident attorneys. A garbage truck slammed into the side of a school bus and injured two people.

Georgia State Patrol alerts Georgia automobile accident lawyers- A garbage truck crashed into the side of a Polk County school bus.

Atlanta, GA—A two-vehicle crash involving a garbage truck and a school bus injured two people on Tuesday morning. The wreck happened on October 6, 2009, around 7:40 a.m., on State Road 100 in Polk County, as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The Georgia State Patrol reported a school bus was traveling northbound on State Road 100 with 15 elementary and high school students on board, when the bus slowed down to make a left turn onto Sewell Creek Road. A garbage truck traveling behind the school bus tried to pass, but instead hit the left-hand side of the bus as it was turning. The crash sent both vehicles off the side of the roadway, and caused the garbage truck to roll. The driver of the school bus and a student were injured in the wreck, and were transported by emergency medical services (EMS) crews to Polk County Medical Center for treatment.
The garbage truck driver was also injured in the crash, but was not transported to a hospital for treatment by medical professionals. The school bus was reportedly transporting students to Cedartown High School and Cherokee Elementary School when the motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred. Police officials cited the garbage truck driver for improper passing. Police investigators are conducting a full investigation into the school bus crash.

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