Houston Texans tackled by flu

Houston Texans tackled by flu


NFL rookie linebacker for the Texans, Brian Cushing, sidelined at home with flu-like symptoms.

Texas entertainment law alert-NFL players suffering flu like symptoms with the Houston Texans hit with swine flu scare.

Houston, TX–Another blow to the Houston Texans and an additional scare for NFL players when the Houston professional football club announced their top pick linebacker, Brian Cushing, was sidelined with flu-like symptoms. As reported by Sports News, the Texans’ first round draft pick, who leads the team with 33 tackles, was unable to attend practice on Wednesday, October 7, 2009, and stayed home because of flu-like symptoms.

Apparently, Cushing began feeling ill Tuesday night, which to many comes as no surprise after TE Anthony Hill was confirmed with the swine flu earlier this week. This was the National Football League’s (NFL) first confirmed case of the H1N1 flu. Safety Eugene Wilson was back in practice Wednesday after being inactive on Sunday against Oakland. Wilson was reportedly so ill he could hardly walk. The Texans’ Coach Gary Kubiak asserts doctors and trainers are attending to his players who seem to be through the worst of this season’s viral infection. The organization and its players continue to be vigilant and address the symptoms head-on with proper precautions, medical attention, and medication. Cushing was feeling better after receiving medication and stayed home as a precaution.

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