Employers, Fall Flu Season is Here – Report by employment law attorney

/cdklawyers.com/Keith Clouse – Dallas employment lawyer/ 09/21/2009
While the H1N1 swine flu seemed to retreat during the summer months, it has reappeared this fall.  The United States Department of Health and Human Services has issued updated guidance for businesses and employers at http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/business/guidance/.  Employers should review this guidance and be ready to enact programs and policies to prevent widespread illness while maintaining essential business functions.

Many of the government’s suggestions involve applying common sense to a large problem.  For example, employers should encourage all employees to receive flu vaccines and should encourage ill employees to stay home.  Employers should promote good hygiene in the office by offering employees tissues, hand sanitizers, and touch-free waste receptacles and by frequently cleaning high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops. Employers may need to consider cancelling non-essential business travel. Should a pandemic occur, an employer may need to review and revise its policies to increase sick leave or to allow employees to telecommute.  If necessary, an employer may also need to alter business practices in order to maintain the most critical operations with a reduced staff.

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