Ruby Tuesday sued for age discrimination

Legal news for Tennessee employment attorneys. The EEOC sued Ruby Tuesday for age discrimination against applicants.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alerts Tennessee employment lawyers- The EEOC filed a lawsuit against Ruby Tuesday, which cites age discrimination.

Knoxville, TN—The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against the American casual dining restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesday, for discriminating against job applicants who were 40-years-old or older. The employment lawsuit was filed on September 30, 2009 in the Pennsylvania federal court, as reported by

The EEOC claims since January 2005, the national restaurant chain refused to hire job applicants who were 40-years-old or older for numerous job positions such as servers, bartenders, host/hostess, dishwashers, and cooks. The six Ruby Tuesday restaurants named in the lawsuit are located in West Mifflin, Greensburg, Altoona, Du Bois, and Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Beachwood, Ohio. The EEOC is also accusing Ruby Tuesday of neglecting to preserve employment records and employment applications. A Ruby Tuesday’s spokesperson stated, “Ruby Tuesday has in the past and continues to employ a significant number of employees within the protected age group in the stores affected by this lawsuit. We have well-established and long-standing policies and practices that prohibit age discrimination in all facets of employment, including hiring. This is the case in Western Pennsylvania as well as across the United States.”

The employment lawsuit is seeking to recover lost wages and liquidated damages for the applicants who were denied jobs based on their age. The lawsuit is also asking that Ruby Tuesday implement their policies, procedures, and training to prevent future workplace discrimination. The EEOC reportedly only filed the lawsuit after failing to establish a voluntary settlement with Ruby Tuesday.

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