Indiana employment law report: Jasper IN logger killed at Hoffman Sawmill

Legal news for Indiana employment attorneys. A logger was killed when a log fell off a truck and landed on the worker.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration alerts Indiana employment lawyers-A worker identified as Norman Keller was killed in a logging accident.

Jasper, IN—A logger was tragically killed when a log came of a truck and fell onto him. The fatal logging accident happened on Wednesday afternoon, September 30, 2009, the Hoffman Sawmill near Portersville.

Police officials with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department stated, Norman Keller, 70, of Dubois was unloading logs from a truck when one fell on top of him, and left him dead. The log reportedly rolled over his entire body, from his chest area to past his ankles. The log was not on top of him when his body was found. Keller was found by other Hoffman Sawmill workers, who then called 911 for help. Police officials reported it is unknown how the accident occurred, or how long Keller was lying there until other workers found him. The logger was pronounced dead at the scene of the tragic accident by responding emergency medical services (EMS) crews. Keller was apparently an experienced logger, and had worked for the Hoffman Sawmill for over 20 years. The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department and officials with the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and are expected to arrive at the scene and conduct a full investigation into the fatal workplace accident.

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