U.S. Highway 79 wreck injured 3

U.S. Highway 79 wreck injured 3


Legal news for Texas automobile accident attorneys. A three-vehicle wreck injured three people on U.S. Highway 79.

Texas automobile accident lawyers alert- A crash involving a Chevrolet Cobalt, a Chevrolet S10 pickup, and a Ford Bronco injured three people.

Jacksonville, TX—A three people were rushed to the hospital after a three-car wreck on U.S. Highway 79. The multiple vehicle crash happened on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 around 5:30 p.m., in the 20800 block of U. S. Highway 79 East, as reported by the Jacksonville Daily Progress.

The Jacksonville Fire Department reported, a small pickup truck, a Ford Bronco, and a four-door car crashed on U.S. Highway 79, but officials are still trying to determine how the crash occurred. According to witnesses, a two-door Ford Bronco was reportedly trying to turn off of Highway 79, when it was hit in the left-rear area of the Bronco by a Chevrolet Cobalt. A Chevrolet S10 pickup truck also was involved in the violent collision. When rescue teams arrived to the scene of the wreck, they found the Bronco and the Cobalt in the middle of the highway, and the pickup truck in a ditch. An occupant of the Cobalt and the pickup truck were seriously injured in the wreck, and were transported by two separate East Texas Medical Center helicopters to a local hospital. Another person in the pickup was extracted by the Jaws of Life, and was also transported to a hospital by emergency medical services (EMS) crews. Another occupant of the pickup truck, a female, was reportedly able to walk away from the wreck on her own, according to witnesses. It is currently unknown if the driver of the Bronco was injured. The New Summerfield Police Department, New Summerfield Volunteer Fire Department, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville fire departments, and Gallatin fire departments all responded to the wreck. Police officials are reportedly investigating the three-vehicle crash.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Texas automobile accident lawyers.

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