Legal news for Oregon personal injury attorneys. A little girl was dragged for 30 feet by her backpack.

Oregon personal injury attorneys alerts- A girl suffered back injuries after she was dragged by her backpack which was caught in the school bus doors.

Portland, OR—A girl was injured after her backpack got stuck in the doors of a school bus and pulled her down the road for more than 30 feet. The incident happened on Thursday, September 24, 2009, as reported by KPTV.

The girl’s father claims, his daughter’s backpack got caught in the door of the school bus that his two daughters, ages 5 and 7, were traveling on. The school bus then began to pull away with the 5-year-old girl’s backpack still stuck in the door. The bus driver continued to drive down the road for about 30 feet before coming to a stop. The father is enraged that the school bus driver didn’t even get off the bus to make sure the little girl was okay. A surveillance video from a landscaping company in Sherwood caught the incident on tape, which showed the 7-year-old sister running back to the school bus as her sister was released from the bus doors. The little girl was injured as a result of being dragged down the street, and was transported to a local hospital for treatment of her back injuries. The father of the girl is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit in connection with the incident. The school district is investigating the incident, and will review their surveillance video from the camera located on the school bus.

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