Search Marketing for Attorneys Rene Perras, web marketing expert on Bing & Google

Rene Perras, web marketing expert and VP of marketing for, provides insight into search behavior that legal web marketers must be aware of to increase their firm’s page rank through search engine optimization, as Bing gains market share.

While no one disagrees that Google has a stranglehold on first place and Yahoo is a distant, but steady second, Bing searches grew at a month-over-month rate of 22% in August, according to a recent report by Nielsen. Bing’s market share of total searches reportedly rose from 9% to 10.7 % placing it as the third most popular search engine. Google had a nearly 65% share of all 10.8 million searches in August.

While not all researchers agree on the specific numbers, virtually all agree that Bing is making inroads into the search market. Getting consumers to change brand preference is not an easy proposition regardless of the product, but the increase to date seems to be more than just a blip. Perhaps the TV ad campaign has been sparking curiosity about Bing’s functionality and features. If Microsoft can develop trial, then ultimately they will get some percentage of tire kickers to switch some or all of their search behavior.

Regardless of the stature of Google, law firm web marketers cannot ignore either the growth of Bing as a player or the impact of Yahoo, which still accounted for more than 1.7 million searches in August. Having a law firm website that enhances the image of your firm and answers your prospects questions is of little value if no potential clients can find your site. Achieving a high page rank for your website naturally is an ongoing, labor intensive process that requires a commitment to grow your business and stay the course.

Search Marketing for attorneys is a marathon, not a sprint. The more competitive a field of endeavor the more skill required by web marketers to achieve your firm’s goals. With the addition of Bing to the mix and the new iteration of Google, called Caffeine, there is no time like the present to have a complete analysis of your current website architecture, content and inbound links to ensure that they are search engine friendly and to embark on a comprehensive SEO program for your law firm. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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