Killeen Texas automobile accident – Airborne National Guard Humvee kills 3!

Legal news for Texas automobile accident attorneys. Three people were killed when a military vehicle caused a six-car crash.

Texas Department of Public Safety alerts Texas automobile accident lawyers- A National Guard Humvee caused a six-vehicle wreck on Interstate 35.

Killeen, TX—Three people were killed in a six-vehicle crash caused by an airborne Nation Guard Humvee, which launched over a concrete median and into oncoming traffic. The fatal collision happened on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, around 10:15 a.m., on Interstate 35 in Troy, as reported by the Waco Tribune.

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported the Humvee was traveling southbound in rainy conditions on I-35 when the military vehicle drifted off the side of the road, and then recrossed the southbound lanes and went airborne. The military vehicle launched over the concrete median and hit a northbound black Toyota Corolla, and the cab of a tractor-trailer. The Humvee reportedly landed in the middle of the highway upside down. The tractor-trailer then jackknifed and hit an unoccupied pickup and the SUV it was towing, which were parked on the shoulder of the highway. A garbage compactor truck then hit the semi-truck. The driver of the Humvee, Altha Gibson, 21, of DeSoto was killed in the wreck. The driver of the 18-wheeler, Donald Johnson, 44, of Burleson; and the driver of the car, Douglas Aschcroft, 41, of Austin were also killed in the wreck. The driver of the trash compactor truck was reportedly uninjured in the wreck. Police officials state it is currently unknown how the Humvee went airborne. Police officials are reportedly conducting a full investigation into the fatal six-vehicle crash.

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