Pittsburgh Iraq War soldier sues KBR

Retired active duty soldier from Pittsburgh filed a chemical exposure lawsuit against KBR Inc., a military contractor.

Veterans Affairs legal news-Iraqi war soldier sues KBR for chemical exposure injury.

Pittsburgh, PA–Veterans Affairs lawyers representing Glen Bootay, a retired active duty soldier for the U.S. military in the Iraqi war, filed a lawsuit in federal court on Friday, September 11, 2009, against KBR Inc., as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Lawyers representing the retired soldier in his injury claim assert KBR subjected him to sodium dichromate, a dangerous chemical, while he guarded a water treatment facility in 2003.

KBR, an American engineering and construction company headquartered in Houston and formerly a subsidiary of Haliburton, claims when the toxic substance was discovered they removed the chemical and are not responsible for any soldiers who may have become ill. The 30 year-old, now retired soldier, takes up to 35 medicines a day and is now disabled. Bootay and his attorneys assert his medical condition is a result of the chemical exposure to sodium dichromate during his 2003 deployment.

Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs personal injury information by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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