Illinois wrongful death lawyers file lawsuit against Morris Hospital in Circuit Court.

Illinois wrongful death attorney news-Morris Hospital sued in wrongful death claim after failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis led to patient death.

Chicago, IL–Illinois wrongful death attorneys representing the estate of a man who died from a bacterial infection at Morris Hospital filed a wrongful death lawsuit on September 3, 2009. As reported by the Morris Daily Herald, the special administrator for the estate of Brian Hopkins, the deceased victim filed the wrongful death claim. The legal action brought by the estate filed in an Illinois Circuit Court charges Morris Hospital with the wrongful death of Brian Hopkins who was died on July 3, 2008.

According to the legal complaint, Hopkins, went to Morris Hospital seeking medical treatment for his symptoms of headaches and vomiting. Hospital doctors and nurses administered pain medication, blood pressure medication, and discharged the fatally ill Hopkins home. On July 1, 2008, Hopkins was found unresponsive and transported back to Morris Hospital where a CT scan revealed meningitis, swelling in the brain. He was transported by medical air transport to St. Francis Medical Center, a higher level of care to treat his bacterial meningitis. Hopkins died on July 3, 2008 and medical malpractice attorneys assert Morris Hospital failed to diagnose the man’s condition on June 29. The failure to diagnose and treat Hopkins led to his death.

Illinois wrongful death attorney alert by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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