Pedestrian hit by school bus left seriously injured!

Pedestrian hit by school bus left seriously injured!


Legal news for Utah personal injury attorneys. A woman crossing a road was hit by a turning school bus.

Utah personal injury attorneys alerts-A Salt Lake City School District bus crash seriously injured a pedestrian.

Salt Lake City, UT—A woman was seriously injured after a Salt Lake City School District bus struck her while she was crossing a street. The school bus crash happened on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 around 7:00 a.m., at Redwood Road, as reported by KSL.

Police reports stated, an unidentified woman was trying to cross Redwood Road, heading west, in the crosswalk at 1700 South, when the school bus hit her. A witness reported, the woman was crossing the road while she had the crossing signal, at the same time a school bus had a green light, and was making a left turn onto Redwood Road. The woman reportedly saw the bus, and tried to outrun it so she wouldn’t get hit. The victim realized she was going to be hit and put her hands over her face before impact. The impact of the crash threw the woman about 40 feet across the road. The driver of the bus stopped immediately and rushed to help the victim. There apparently weren’t any students on the bus when the crash occurred. The school bus driver was drug tested and put on administrative leave, a common practice during an investigation. The driver reportedly has been driving for the school district for at least 4 years, and had no prior accidents. Police officials are reportedly investigating the school bus and pedestrian collision.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Utah personal injury lawyers.

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