Update-Kitec defective plumbing lawsuit settlements

Nevada District Court Judge approves additional settlements in Kitec defective plumbing fixtures class action lawsuit.

Nevada product liability lawyers settle more class action lawsuits for defective plumbing against Kitec.

Las Vegas, NV–Nevada product liability lawyers settled more claims in a class action lawsuit involving corrosive Kitec plumbing fixtures as reported by the Las Vegas Sun on September 10, 2009. Kitec plumbing fixtures is manufactured by IPEX and were used extensively throughout new home construction in the recent housing boom in Nevada. Defective product attorneys representing numerous homeowners will add the settlement funds to the funds of the previously settled Kitec claims. This mass fund will pay to re-pipe the corrosive pipes in plaintiffs’ homes at no cost to them.

The product liability class action suits, filed in a Nevada federal court, assert homeowners with the Kitec plumbing fixtures suffered damages to their piping through a dezincification process. This happens when fixtures corrode because water removes zinc from the brass fittings. This dezincification causes silt to collect in the pipes eventually causing blockages and possibly rupturing water lines. A $90 million settlement previously reached between plaintiff’s attorneys and IPEX, the manufacturer of Kitec, has been appealed in the Nevada state Supreme Court by Sharp Plumbing.

The most recent settlements in the corrosive plumbing litigation involved the following:

-Classic Plumbing settled fro $5,245,000 for 2,688 homes constructed by seven builders
-Desert Wind Homes settled for $194,400
-DR Horton settled 368 homes for $1,309,900
-H&H Homes settled $126,000 for 35 homes
-KB Homes reached its second settlement at $5,747,796 for 2,383 homes
-Pulte and PNII settled for $3,437,500 for 550 homes
-Wexford Homes settled for $625,000 for 72 houses

The remaining class action lawsuits are scheduled for trial on September 30, 2009. Desert Homes received $108,000 by Lakewood Plumbing for a total of $302,400. When homeowners suffer damages from defective plumbing fixtures, construction materials, and/or appliances the costs can be astronomical. If your home has suffered damages from defective consumer products contacting a Nevada product liability lawyer may help you recover.

Nevada product liability alert by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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