Texas mother accuses Citadel of assault!

An El Paso mother accuses the Citadel of physically assaulting her 18 year-old son.

Texas personal injury attorney alert-El Paso family accuses Citadel military academy of physical assault against their son a former cadet.

El Paso, TX–An 18 year-old graduate of Eastwood High School in El Paso, Texas, reported to the Citadel as an incoming freshman this year on scholarship. After arriving to one of nation’s most prestegious military academy’s in Charleston, South Carolina, the new cadet was hazed to extremes and physically assaulted according to allegations by his mother, Betty Schlegal. El Paso abc7 news affiliate kvia reported on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, that Stephen Schlegel’s, the young cadet, goal of attending and graduating from the Citadel have been shattered.

In an interview with Stephen’s mother, Betty, Stephen reported to the academy and was a member of Mike Company. After 25 days the physical assault and abuse the young cadet received at the Citadel rendered him unable to participate in physical activities and forced his mother to drive from Texas to South Carolina to save her son. The Schlegal family was aware of the strict rules, yelling, and stringent exercise regiment the Citadel is known for and welcomed their son’s opportunity. Stephen and his family were unaware physical assaults and abuse was part of the program. While the Schlegel’s are attempting to recover from the personal injury afflicted upon Stephen they have been stuck with a bill from the Citadel for $14,000 since Stephen’s scholarship had not taken effect before his withdrawl from the academy. The Citadel offered no comment on the accusations as reported by abc7 kvia news.

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