The Commissioner for the National Football League fined the NY Jets $75,000.

New York entertainment law:National Football League (NFL) fines NY Jets for failing to put Brett Favre on injury report last season.

New York, NY–Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, issued fines against the Jets for $75,000 on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, as reported by the Star-Ledger. The NFL determined NY Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, and former Jets coach Eric Mangini violated NFL rules when they failed to add star quarterback Brett Favre ot the injury report at the end of the 2008-2009 football season.

The NFL fined the Jets $75,000, Tannenbaum $25,000, and former coach Mangini $25,000 for failing to follow NFL injury report guidelines. Brett Favre played the last five games of the football season with an MRI confirmed injury but his name never made it on the injury report. The failure to disclose Favre’s injury is a violation of the NFL. The NY Jets ended the last five games of the season 1-4 and out of the playoffs. Favre threw for only two touchdowns and nine interceptions.

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