The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency orders cease and desist administrative order to Robinowitz Oil Company. EPA accuses Osage County, Oklahoma based Robinowitz Oil of Clean Water Act violations.

Social responsibility alert:Osage County, Oklahoma oil company violates Clean Water Act receives stoppage order by Environmental Protection Agency.

Dallas, TX–Federal regulators of the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) announced a cease and desist order to Robinowitz Oil Company on September 11, 2009. According to the EPA’s website, the administrative order was issued after an August 21, 2009 inspection of the oil company’s Osage County, Oklahoma, field production facility revealed violations of the Clean Water Act.

The Oklahoma oil company is accused of discharging oil field brine from facility production into Little Hominy Creek and tested at the entry point of discharge into the water supply at Little Hominy Creek to be positive for brine discharge and salts. The discovery of the contaminated water at the entry point into the creek are cited violations of the Clean Water Act by the EPA. Federal regulators issued a cease and desist order to Robinowitz Oil Company of all pollutant discharges from the facility, clean up and remove all brine and contaminated soils from the water flow path between the oil field production facility and Little Hominy Creek, and furnish written notification to the EPA these orders and remedies have been completed.

Social responsibility information by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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