Connecticut medical malpractice – Hartford Hospital sued!

Legal news for Connecticut medical malpractice attorneys. The Hartford Hospital and a physician are being sued for deviating from the standard of care.

Connecticut medical malpractice attorney-Lawsuit accuses Hartford Hospital and emergency room physician of not properly treating a suicidal risk patient.

Hartford, CT—The estate of a deceased patient is suing the Hartford Hospital and an emergency room physician, Dr. Carl Washburn. The lawsuit claims the hospital failed to keep the distraught woman overnight for treatment of her suicidal thoughts in 2007. The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in the superior court in Hartford, as reported by the Hartford Courant.

According to the lawsuit, Marcia Maglisco hung herself on October 8th, just three days after her 2-year-old grandson, Aiden, drowned in the bathtub under her care at her daughter’s home. Hartford police brought Maglisco to the hospital for an evaluation after she called 911 to report the drowning, and told the dispatcher “I’m psychotic”; “I want the police to shoot me, if they could.” The lawsuit claims Maglisco should have been admitted to the Hartford Hospital because of the suicidal risk and fragile emotional state. Dr. Washburn and the hospital reportedly neglected to “properly evaluate her,” and did not provide the family with a plan to care for her. Maglisco hung herself in her Newington home on October 8th. The police charged her with risk of injury in the death of her grandson. Maglisco was scheduled to appear in court on the day of her death, to face her charges.

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