The Fray sues manager over song copyrights!

Legal news for Colorado entertainment attorneys. The Fray songwriting duo sues manager over copyrights to their songs.

Colorado entertainment lawyers alerts- Two songwriters from The Fray filed a lawsuit against their manager over song copyrights.

Denver, CO—Two songwriters from the band, The Fray, filed a lawsuit against their manager, Gregg Latterman, over the copyrights to their songs. The entertainment lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court, as reported by the BBC.

According to the lawsuit, Jospeh King and Issac Slade, members of The Fray, wrote the hits “Over My Head (Cable Car)”, “How to Save a life”, and “You Found Me”, which became a top fifteen hits in the United States and Canada. The bands manager, Gregg Latterman, reportedly obtained the partial ownership of their songs through a publishing agreement in 2005, which the band members signed. The lawsuit claims, their manager and his company, Gregg Alan Corporation, told the band that he was only getting a finders fee. The band then discovered the agreement actually allowed Latterman’s company to obtained ownership to a portion of the of the songwriters music. The lawsuit claims fellow band members of The Fray, David Welsh and Benjamin Wysocki, are entitled to a portion of King and Slade’s publishing income. Latterman allegedly neglected to disclose his interest in the publishing agreement, according to the lawsuit.

According to Wikipedia The Fray is a Grammy Award-nominated four-piece piano rock band.

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