Pennsylvania law enforcement union sues state police!

Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, a law enforcement union, sues Pennsylvania State Police commanders claiming illegal union retaliation.

Pennsylvania employment law attorneys-Pennsylvania State Troopers Association files discrimination lawsuit.

Pittsburgh, PA–Pennsylvania employment law attorneys specializing in unfair labor practices, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association (PSTA) and six of its officials against current and former commanders of the Pennsylvania State Police. The claim filed in a Pennsylvania federal court named Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski, Deputy Commissioner John R. Brown and former Commission Jeffrey B. Miller as defendants asserts the leaders refused to investigate allegations of misconduct brought forth by PSTA leaders, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The court documents further accuse the current and former commanders of retaliating against PSTA advocates.

The PSTA also claimed in their unfair labor practices suit that the Pennsylvania State Police supervisors actions interfered with the PSTA’s representation of its members. The PSTA claims to handle close to 200 grievances every year by its members. The PSTA states they serve to “protect those who protect us, and serve those who serve the Commonwealth”. The union helps to protect and support officers employment positions and navigate any grievances or complaints they may have regarding work place practices, treatment on the job, and work place safety. One of the specific complaints in the federal discrimination lawsuit states police supervisors retaliated against a trooper who complained a supervisor had underlings perform personal errands.

Pennsylvania employment law attorneys information by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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