Bear attacks Colorado homeowner!

Man attacked by bear in his Aspen home receives treatment for injuries at local hospital.

Colorado personal injury information-Colorado Division of Wildlife confirms another bear attack in Aspen.

Aspen, CO–The Colorado Division of Wildlife confirmed another bear attack in Aspen, a mountain ski community. The black bear attack happened on Thursday, September 10, 2009 about 8 p.m. When a homeowner descended to the first floor of his home in response to his three dogs barking. Upon landing on the ground floor of his Aspen home, the man was confronted by a large black bear and struck in the head. Wildlife officers reported the man managed to open a window allowing the bear to escape. According to the press release on the Colorado Division of Wildlife Services website, the unidentified injured homeowner who resides off Castle Creek in the Meadowood Drive area on the west side of Aspen is being treated at an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The officers continue to patrol the area and have set a trap for the bear who will be euthanized bringing the number of bears killed for aggressive behavior this summer near Aspen to at least 10. There have been at least 200 bear sightings since August in the resort community about 200 miles west of Denver. The Division of Wildlife (DOW) says bears need food to hibernate for the winter and will spend about 20 hours-a-day consuming around 20,000 calories per day. Bears are very active in their preparation for hibernation. The DOW has numerous suggestions on how to avoid attracting bears to your home, cars, and recreation and camp areas.

The DOW advocates bear preservation and learning how to live with bears. It is always a tragedy when a bear has to be captured and put down. Educating all Colorado residents and tourists can help preserve the bear population, prevent human injuries and even save lives, the bears and yours. Just because a bear is near your home it doesn’t mean it is aggressive. Bears are shy by nature and typically avoid people. Bears must eat and a bear will be a bear to feed its hunger. Keep your homes and cars secured and locked during this time of year to avoid close encounters with a bear. Keep all food and trash secured and consult the DOW website for pertinent information of how to bear proof your home, business, automobile, and recreational area.

Colorado personal injury information by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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