Florida aviation accident – Turbulence rocks United Airlines flight injuring 1!

Legal news for Florida aviation accident attorneys. Woman was injured after hitting her head on the plane’s roof during turbulence.

Florida aviation accident lawyer alert- United Airlines Flight 236 experienced severe turbulence and gave a woman a possible traumatic brain injury.

Tampa, FL—A Florida woman was injured on a United Airlines flight when the plane experience severe turbulence on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. The United Airlines flight was en route from Los Angeles to the Washington area when the incident occurred, as reported by The Washington Post.

According to officials, the United Flight 236, with 177 passengers on board, experienced the heavy turbulence about 150 miles from the Dulles International Airport. Jeanne Holton Carfuel, 56, of Tampa was in the bathroom when the pilots turned on the fasten-seat-belt sign, and made an announcement for the flight attendants to sit down. Carfuel hurried back to her seat, but didn’t make it in time. The plane dropped, and Carfuel hit her head on the roof of the plane, and fell to the ground. The Boeing 757 plane landed around 9:30 p.m., and emergency medical services (EMS) crews were waiting to take Carfuel to the Reston Hospital Center for treatment of a potential traumatic brain injury (TBI) and back injuries. Carfuel was treated, but not admitted to the hospital. Other passengers aboard the plane reported the turbulence was so intense, the service carts in the galley fell over and the cans of soda exploded and drenched several passengers. Carfuel is expected to leave from Washington for Tampa on Thursday.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Florida aviation accident lawyers.