Loose semi-truck wheels kills 1 and injures 2!

Legal news for Nebraska personal injury attorneys. Wheels from a passing tractor-trailer flew off and killed construction worker.

Nebraska personal injury lawyers alerts- Construction worker was killed on Interstate 80 after a set of wheels flew off a passing semi-truck.

Omaha, NE—A freak accident left one woman dead and injured two others after a set of wheels from a passing semi-truck came loose and struck the workers in the median. The incident happened on Tuesday, September 8, 2009, on Interstate 80, as reported by KETV.

Police officials reported two workers from Western Engineering Company, who were working in the median of I-80 were hit by a set of wheels, which came loose and flew off a passing tractor-trailer. The semi-truck owned by Western Engineering Company was towing a belly dump truck east on I-80, when the set of wheels flew off the trailer. Robyn Pittman, 53, and Scott Herdt, 45, were standing in the median when they were hit by the wheels. A Nebraska Department of Roads worker was sitting inside a vehicle when a wheel slammed into the driver’s-side door, and injured the worker. Herdt was transported by area emergency medical services (EMS) crews to local hospital for treatment of a potential traumatic brain injury (TBI) and back injuries. The driver of the semi-truck was unaware that two tires flew off the trailer, and continued to drive down the interstate to dump his load. As the truck was traveling back past the scene of the accident, workers noticed the missing wheels and stopped the driver. Police officials inspected the semi and found 16 violations, and cited the driver, Geary Ussery, 30, of North Platte, for the violations.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news article for Nebraska personal injury lawyers.